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12 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. I just came across a couple your videos, they were amazing! I love the website.

    You guys should check out StrangeCreek and Wormtown Music Festivals up in Greenfield Mass. There’s amazing musical talent, friendly people and a great vibe!


    1. Thanks Jeanne keep checking back we have just finished the recap for tornado rider at Freebird live and also are finishing up our coverage from Wanee Music Festival in live oak Florida. Thanks again for being part of our Webzine and we hope you continue to enjoy and use the site.
      -Michael Parker
      Audio Engineer/Audio Editor


    2. Thanks again Jeanne,
      Sorry I missed the part on Wormtown, CANT FORGET THEM :). Wormtown actually sets up a stand at most of spirit of the swannee music parks festivals and we here at Hype are huge fans. They are always kicking it with great people, Incredible wears of all sots, amazing snacks, and of course the cheap amazing pair of LIFE SAVING mittens that protect you for the random freezing florida cold at bear creek music festival. “yes florida cold” 🙂 thanks again for supporting the site and I hope you can share us with your music family.

      Michael Parker
      Assistant Editor/Audio Engineer



  2. Michael, love the videos–the music and the pics–especially liked the Swannee fast “pickin” happy music-keep up the good work–us northerners like to see warm weather festivals!!!! Hope all is well w/ everything else. Keep in touch. xo


  3. Hey I was at camp bisco last weekend and got my picture taken during Kung Fu’s set. I was just wondering if you were able to upload those pictures from this weekend yet! Happy Bisco!


    1. Thanks for being proactive on reliving the bisco experience James,’s recap article for camp bisco should be released soon with loads of content, yet unfortunately we need a few days for post production and picking through the mass of media our team creates and documents. Keep checking back with us and we will make sure to look out for pictures for you. We hope you will enjoy the article coming soon


  4. Love the site and what you guys have been doing! Just wondering if you were still planning on doing a full write up of the Farm to Family festival?


  5. Hey @hype-mag I was at counterpoint 2012 and was in yall’s recap video! Just wondering if you guys will be back for counterpoint 2014??


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