What Is HYPE Music Festivals?

HYPE Music Festivals encompasses a wide array of music genres, but keeps one thing in mind: festivals are the best way to experience music.  We are a gateway into the music world for aspiring photographers, videographers, writers, audio tapers, graphic designers, artists, music lovers, etc..  Through building relationships with artists, festivals, and PR organizations and capturing once in a lifetime musical moments, we aim to keep the music and the culture that surrounds it alive. 

In addition to providing media relations teams to festivals across the country (including photographers, videographers, writers, etc.), we also post weekly articles from countless other music festival and jam scene tidbits on our social media accounts.  We have occasional lapses in posts as we’re constantly on the road.  See you out there!

Follow us on Twitter @HYPEmusicfests and Facebook for interviews, photos, and videos of your favorite bands as well as new ones you’ve never heard of.

HYPE Music Festivals’s staff consists of Phil Sunkel & Nick Sonsini a handful of extremely passionate, talented, and dedicated



Phil Sunkel, Owner

Photographer, Blogger, Videographer, Phil has pretty much done it all while building HYPE Music Festivals.  Graduating from Flagler College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Phil interned with The Lane Communications Group (an NYC-based public relations firm), Triple Threat Television (a production company working with MTV, ESPN, PBS and A&E), and Carter Productions (a production company working with Red Bull Energy Drinks) while in school.

Phil created HYPE Music Festivals (then Hype-mag.com) in his junior year of college after leaving his position as Photo Editor with his college’s award-winning online newspaper, gargoyle.flagler.edu.  He took time to formulate the mission of the site, and soon after Phil’s best friend, Michael Parker (co-founder), joined the team as the first audio engineer.  Together they helped built what is today HYPE Music Festivals.

Nick Sonsini, Photo Editor

Prodigy is the best word that comes to mind when thinking of the progression of this young man’s stellar career. At the tender age of 20, Nick has made a name for himself as one of the best staff festival photographers on the east coast.  Nick is also an expert networker having sealed deals with clients such as Strangecreek Camp Out, Wormtown Music Festival, Disc Jam Music Festival and F.A.R.M. Festival.

HYPE Family Photographers

Richele Cole, Staff Photographer

Richele is one of the fastest rising stars at HYPE Music Festivals.  She recently joined the team this year and has been shooting some truly epic shots at every show and fest she covers.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Richele be a part of our team.

Lisa Ansteth, Staff Photographer

Lisa recently joined the team as HYPE’s EDM correspondent up in Michigan. She has true talent for capturing the energy and spirit of the festivals and shows she covers.

Romy Santos, Staff Photographer

Romy is another young outstanding photography quickly earning his way to being a full-blown professional music photographer.  His eye for wide shots and balance of lighting exposure make him a photographer to keep an eye on.

Dan Florez, Staff Photographer


When it comes to unique photographers in the music world, Dan Florez is one of the best.  Yes, he does shoot digital, but he has become a master of making images that look like they were shot on film.  Dan has been covering music in the north Florida area for years and continues to prove that he is one of the best at what he does.

August J. Heisler, Staff Photographer

Oh August, how we love you. You are always, always, always barefoot and you never sleep. But damn, you take unbelievably beautiful images.  This man is always working so we love when he finds some time to send us some of his amazing work.

Katie Davis, Staff Photographer

Katie Davis is a professional Graphic Designer and aspiring music photographer.  Basically, she gives Phil the scoop on who’s new & talented.  Katie has an infallible taste in music and a passion for it that keeps her going to shows every weekend.

Shaun Seip, Staff Photographer

One of our newest photographers, Shaun Seip, has quickly gained our respect in the HYPE family.

Chenoa Charpentier, Staff Photographer

Chenoa is another recent addition to HYPE.  She has a flair for capturing people in amazingly candid moments.

Jesse Fillipelli, Staff Photographer

What can we say about Jesse?  Since the dude moved out to Colorado, he has been straight killing it for Dubera.  That’s why we knew we had to get him to cover some festivals for us.  We can’t wait to see what Jesse will send our way.


Nickolas Wild, Lead Audio Engineer

Adam Lukowski, Staff Videographer

Hoover Londono, Staff Drone Pilot

Jack Davisson, Staff Videographer



Genevieve Calkins, Social Media Intern


Editor: Phil Sunkel, Psunkel@HYPEMusicFestivals.com

Photo Editor: Nick Sonsini, Sonsini@HYPEMusicFestivals.com


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HYPE Music Festivals is a Jam Scene Blog & Media Relations Collective, whose primary goal is to manufacture and provide high-quality press at Concerts and Music Festivals.

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