Eliot Lipp Interview About Watch The Shadows, New Full length Album With Michal Menert & More…

ELiot Lipp has for a long time, been at the top of my list of favorite producers, especially when it comes to the Prettys Lights Music Label.

Lipp recently dropped his new album, “Watch The Shadows”, with some of his best songs to date. Editor, Phil Sunkel, got the chance to cacth up with Eliot to talk about the new album, Michal Menert and more.

HYPE (Phil Sunkel): Let’s just hop right into it with talking about some of your highlights for the summer.

Eliot Lipp: From this past summer?

HYPE: Yeah, anything that really sticks out in your mind?

Eliot: Well, there was one show in New York that was pretty awesome. It was, I don’t know, July. And I played at this little club called Glazz House. I guess that was probably one of my favorites of the summer just because I love Brooklyn … I love summer nights in New York and that was an epic one.

HYPE: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Eliot: And that was kind of one of my favorite shows I’ve done in New York, I guess. Yeah, I don’t know, it’s hard to think of a highlight. There was this one small festival in Pennsylvania called The Big Dub. That was another one that was pretty cool.

HYPE: Oh yeah. Let’s see here … what was your Halloween like?

Eliot: Oh, it was good. I did a sold out show at Cervantes’ in Denver.

HYPE: Oh, hell yeah.

Eliot: With a bunch of my friends, like Paul Basic, SuperVision and in the other room was The Werks & Zoogma.

HYPE: Oh, nice.

Eliot: Yeah, it was just a lot fun … that was a fun show. It was packed. Everybody had crazy costumes on.

HYPE: Nice. Was that part of the Keepin’ It Crew tour?

Eliot: No, that was just … I mean the three of us did some Crew tracks, but the tour was over I think the week before that show. So it wasn’t really part of the tour.

HYPE: Okay. Now I want to start talking about your latest album, “Watch the Shadows.” Can you tell me a little bit about the album and how it’s different from some of your past work?

Eliot: Yeah, that album took me a couple of years to finish. It went through a lot of different phases. At one point, I took a lot of the samples out and replayed them, like with live musicians and vocalists and stuff. So that really changed the feeling of it for me. I got it to sound exactly how I wanted to, but the process was just so different. But I’d also say a lot of the orchestral sounds, the strings, the brass and stuff, that’s something kind of new to my sound. I haven’t really fucked with that until this record. I started using more classical musical influences. I think it helps make the album a little more cohesive because I jump around from different genres through the whole thing. 1470393_187567054769582_482182339_n
HYPE: I definitely feel like, compared to some of your past work, there’s a different feel and vibe on the new album. I think that comes from the, as you were saying, the orchestra background and stuff like that. My next question is, do you think we’ll be seeing the live band out on the road with you again?

Eliot: Yeah, definitely next year. I don’t know if it’s gonna be the same guys because my guitar player is in Cage of the Elephant now hahaha. So they’re using him quite a bit. But we’ll see. I love touring with a live band. That’s something I miss.

HYPE: It’s definitely a whole other beast. I remember at Halloween last year, that was, I think, definitely one of the highlights for me.

Eliot: Oh, thank you. Yeah, that was some fun.

HYPE: Yeah, that was a great time. And I wanted to ask you what do you think is something you’ve learned about yourself over this past year?

Eliot: Oh, this past year? I think one thing I’ve learned is that … I don’t know how to explain it. But one concept that’s been sort of coming up with me lately is just about how your ego can stop you from reaching your goals. You know? I mean its like how sometimes the only person holding you back is yourself. And it’s hard when its like that. I’ve caught myself in situations where, whether it was my own insecurities or what not, but I’ve caught myself sort of holding myself back from doing what I really want to do and it’s all in my own head. That’s something that I think I’ve learned; I’ve become more aware of it. I haven’t exactly learned how to figure it out or fix it, but I’m becoming more aware of that. You know? And that’s just something I think I’ll figure out more as I get older. I love all these projects that I do in music, but its hard not to get caught up when you could successfully wrap up a project, like an album or a tour or something, there’s a lot of just hoops to jump through and there’s a lot of obstacles along the way. So as I’m trying to learn how to deal with all those, that’s one thing I’ve had to overcome is myself.
HYPE: I think that was a very well put answer, too. Now I want to ask you about who you’re keeping your eye out on because I know you seem to know a lot of people in the edm scene and you always have your ears on the up and coming stuff. Who would you say you’re keeping an ear on right now?

Eliot: Well, there’s a Florida dude, Sir Charles.

HYPE: Oh yeah, love Charles.

Eliot: Yeah. Everything I hear from that dude just gets better and better. And there’s also Black Liquid. He’s starting to have a lot of success. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. There’s another artist, his record I released in July, he’s a dude named Nuncaduerma from Chicago. I’m a big fan of his stuff, too. He’s relatively underground but he just played at Law and Theory in Los Angeles and he’s been playing around Chicago more. He’s just starting to kind of gain some momentum. But, you know it’s been a good year, man. A lot of people who I’ve had my eye on for a while have started to really blow up and I’m excited about that.

HYPE: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Eliot: Like I said about Black Liquid. But also this dude named Gladkill. You know Gladkill?

HYPE: Yeah, I’ve heard of him. I think I saw him recently.

Eliot: Yeah, he’s been one of my favorite producers for a long time. He put out an EP this year that I just can’t stop listening to. I dig him.1392045_187566908102930_390126899_n

HYPE: Seems like it’s been a really busy, awesome year for the whole scene, you know?

Eliot: Well, everyone has to hustle, you know? They’ve got a lot of competition. Like a few years ago there wasn’t this many touring acts and there wasn’t this many musicians. There’s just more people doing this now, so if you’re going to stay in the game, you have to really concentrate your effort on what you do. I think that’s why we’ve seen so many quality releases coming out lately.

HYPE: Exactly. I totally agree with you. And now, kind of leading away from that, what are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Eliot: Well, Michal Menert and I just put out a couple songs together. We just did a release of one track called “Victory” and then we put out another song called “Jacques Nouveau”. We actually released it on a cassette tape. We’ve been selling the cassettes at our shows.

HYPE: Oh yeah?

Eliot: But our plan is to finish a whole album together and we have a bunch of other songs in the works. So one thing I’m excited about for 2015 is to release this record that Menert and I have been working on. I just love collaborating with him. He’s easy to work with. We’ve got a similar process. So that’s one thing I’m really looking forward to is just getting back in the studio with Michal.

HYPE: Cool.

Eliot: Another thing in 2015 Ill be doing is, I’m going to be doing a solo headlining tour, I’m really looking forward to that. I’m just kind of still going through all the options and trying to figure out what I want to do with that tour. But that’s something that I’m looking forward to as well.

For more information visit EliotLipp.com


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