Hope From Harrison Brings Laughter, Joy and Love To Hopefest 2014

This past weekend, the amazing charitable organization, Hope From Harrison, threw their inaugural Hopefest. The event featured acts such as Fusik, Ketchy Shuby, Mike Mineo, The Resolvers and a reunion show from Jupiter’s legendary reggae group, Boxelder.

Hopefest was also decked out with all sorts of activities for the kids. From kickball to face painting to rock climbing, this little fest pulled out all the stops to put smiles on young faces. DSC_0389

The organization who puts on Hopefest, Hope From Harrison, was founded by Palm Beach couple Matt and Melissa Hudson whose son, Harrison, was born with numerous medical problems. In Harrison’s memory, they launched Hope From Harrison, which provides resources, awareness and hope for families of children with critical needs.

Matt spoke about their journey saying, “When our son was born, we had good insurance, a savings account and family support and yet, every day was challenging. The money ran out quickly and we could not have made it without loving, compassionate support from friends and family.”

His wife, Melissa adds, “We loved Harrison so much and were so blessed to have him in our lives even for that short period of time. As parents, we wanted to be there every moment for him, but it was exhausting. You feel as if you’re on an island by yourself and there’s a big storm overhead.”

Ketchy Shuby
Ketchy Shuby

Two families in particular will benefit from proceeds from this year’s HopeFest. Tadd & Jilian are parents of twin boys who were born three months prematurely. Paxton passed right after birth. Lincoln survived but has struggled with multiple medical problems since his birth.

The other family has a baby boy named Kaden who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, a degenerative disease mostly affecting babies that can hinder the ability to crawl, walk, stand, eat, or even breathe on their own. Half of the babies diagnosed don’t make it to see their second birthday, but Kaden has a delightful twinkle in his eyes that says he will not give up without a fight.

For more information visit HopeFromHarrison.org


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