15 Reasons Catskill Chill Was The Best Festival Of The Summer

Words and Photos by Phil Sunkel

Catskill Chill is one of the best festivals around. No lie. With a capacity of only 5000, this one-of-a-kind event features the best in the music festival touring circuit.

I give you my 15 reasons why I believe, Catskill Chill was the best music festival of the summer.

15.) Gillie Suit Man
This friendly fellow popped up just about everywhere. Not to mention, he was also hilarious.

14.) The Weather
Aside from a little rain, the weekend was beautiful with some nice and cool nights.

13.) The Cabins
The cabins are huge and are pretty much one big party. Definitely one of the cooler factors of Chill.

12.) Family, Friends and Fans

11.) The Way Everything Looks Crazy at Night
I don’t know what it is, but everything just looks awesome at night.

10.) Tauk
Tauk is seriously one of the best bands out there. We wouldn’t continually talk them up, if they weren’t.

9.) This Guy
Yeah, this guy was awesome.

8.) The Hammock Situation
The hammock situation at Chill is probably one of the most unique I’ve seen around.

7.) Turkuaz
What can I Say, I love Turkuaz. They’re Sly cover set was unbelievable. I had Tim Palmieri from Kung Fu in front of me singing every word and giving everyone high-fives, while Eli Winderman from Dopapod jammed out behind me. It was a set I’ll never forget.

6.) Yonder Mountain String Band With Allie Kral Altough Yonder recently lost their frontman, Jeff Austin, that hasn’t slowed the guys down a single bit. YMSB just keeps adding star performing after star performing to their sets. Their Chill show featured Cornmeal fiddle virtuoso, Allie Kral, and Mandolin star John Frazier.

5.) Twiddle
Twiddle are some of my favorite guys in the business today. Not only do they make outstanding tunes, they also have a fan base thats so loyal, some would call it “cult like”. Definitely check out Twiddle, if you haven’t already.

4.) Festival Grounds
The grounds are pretty spectacular at Catskill Chill.

3.) Dopapod
From serving everyone pancakes, to a private VIP set, to their Main Stage show, Dopapod was definitely the hardest working band at Catskill Chill, probably also the best sounding. I’ve always been a huge fan of these guys, my admiration only grows after each set I catch.

2.) Club Chill
Club Chill is now one of my most favorite stages at any festival. You gotta make sure to get to the bigger sets early though, it can be somewhat of a challenge to get in when the place packs out.

1.) #Chillfam
The Chill Fam is as real as it gets. Love is coursing through this place and you can tell by the employees of this festival and the vibes from the bands, artists, vendors and attendees. Chill is one-of-a-kind not to be missed festival, be sure to book your cabin early for next year.

For more information check out CatskillChill.com


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