Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Photos + Recap

Photos and Words by Lisa Ansteth

Labor Day weekend in Detroit, MI was filled with amazing vibes, tasty food and uplifting tunes, thanks in large part to Claude VonStroke and his amazing Dirtybird crew.11 - Dirtybird BBQ Detroit People Shot
 That steamy Sunday started off with Grillson, the grill master, manning his massive grill and Christian Martin turning knobs on the tables. 20 - Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Wide Shot
 Right in the middle of a 3-show weekend in just over 24 hours, next up was J. Phlip, the amazing lady from Chi-town. Jumping right out of the car—that came straight from Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival the night before—and right onto stage with no time in between, J. Phlip instantly dropped the beats that we were all wanting to hear.19 - Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Close-up
After she finished her set, only to head back to Chicago for one final show of the weekend, Justin Martin and the #pizzagang vibes jumped on the tables to really turn it up a notch. And then came Claude. As always, the master of minimal techno put on a clinic that would humble even the most cocky of all big-room house-heads. Choosing to play quality tunes over screaming into a mic all night is a recipe for a great time.47 - Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Wide Shot
 Although the BBQ ended at 9pm, the official after party started up at T V Lounge right around the block, where the night continued with a b2b2b with Justin, Christian and Claude.39 - Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Close-up
Keeping the music true to its’ roots, this team of musical giants are never to be missed. If anyone from the Dirtybird crew is in your town, be sure to not ever suffer from #FOMO and get your ticket quick! You won’t be disappointed!

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