Space Jesus Interview About His Music, Farm Fest & More

Let me be straight up with everyone out there when I say, Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull, is one of my favorite producers right now.

His hard hitting beats and killer collabos make him one of the top DJ’s to keep an eye-on in 2014/15, not too mention he’ll have Allen Aucoin joining him on stage for his set at Bella Terra Festival.

The HYPE team was supposed to do a video interview with Space J at Farm Fest but let’s just say things got a little crazy. So I got the chance to catch up with Jasha over the phone, here is our conversation in its entirety, well everything except me saying goodbye.

HYPE (Phil Sunkel): Hello, this is Phil Sunkel.

Space Jesus (Jasha Tull): Hey man, this Jasha, aka Space Jesus.

HYPE: Hey man how are doing?

Space Jesus: Not too bad, hows it going?
HYPE: Ah pretty well, I’d say a lot better than when we were at FARM Fest and you tripped over my tent…

Space Jesus: Oh hahaha yeah dude I am sorry about that.

HYPE: I mean honestly, I was so out of it… I didn’t even wake up.

Space Jesus: Haha ok ok, good, I’m glad. I felt terrible about that.

HYPE: Its all good. Everyone in the morning was like “Yo you know that Space Jesus tripped over you tent last night right?”

Space Jesus: Hahahaha

HYPE: Its one of those things I’ll always tell my friends about haha.

Space Jesus: Well it also was a really good tent, it really speaks to the integrity of the construction.
HYPE: Hahaha that it does, it just popped right back up. Now lets take about Farm Fest. Could you tell me a bit about your experience there?

Space Jesus: Oh man it was really really awesome. I had so many of my friends come out and it was just nice to go out and see a lot of familiar faces from when I started to now. It was cool. Actually the set was pretty awesome cause I’m from New Jersey. I’ve recently had a couple sets cut short or cancelled, which hasn’t happened to much in the past. So to get there and to play loud for the people who wanted to see it was awesome.

HYPE: You even had your brother cheering you on in the front row, right?

Space Jesus: Yeah, its always awesome when I can spend time with him. He’s down with the music. I mean he’s seen all the music I’ve made over all the years. So its really cool when he can come out.

HYPE: Now lets move it into some of your new music. I mean, you don’t like weed, thats pretty apparent. So obviously thats what led you to make the song “The Weed”…
Space Jesus: Hahaha its the devil’s lettuce. Its very unhealthy I hear.

HYPE: Yup, it definitely doesn’t promote peace or enlightenment. So lets talk about the video for “The Weed” and how much you hate waffles…

Space Jesus: Hahahaha yo I can’t stand waffles. They should just be pancakes. But yeah the video, I don’t really like to give my interpretation out to much, I really like for people to try and to interpret the meaning for themselves. I say that there is definitely some symbolism going on though.
HYPE: Now I gotta ask, did I hear correct that you once served Pancakes at one of your shows?

Space Jesus: Thats actually my buddy SuperSillyUs. He used to have this kid Billy come out to the shows with him and cook pancakes on stage with him whenever he played live.

HYPE: Well that actually leads my into your project with SuperSillyUs, Schlang. Could you tell me a bit about Schlang and if there will ever be a pancake set?

Space Jesus: Um I don’t know if we’ll be having any pancakes for Schlang. We’ve definitely been talking about some different food ideas, we just don’t want to mix too many of the food groups, you know? I’m not sure what we’re gonna do, but all I can say is that there will be some pretty weird stuff going on when we get this new album done.

HYPE: I also noticed you have a song, “Nice Ass Yeans” with my buddy, Zach Weinert aka Zak The Blak, thats pretty awesome.

Space Jesus: Yeah he’s the man. We toured together last year when he was playing with Greenhouse Lounge. There were a couple shows that he played as Zak The Blak but yeah he is the man. We both get along really well.

HYPE: So today, I saw you posting a little about your new ep with Esseks, you want to tell me a bit more about that?

Space Jesus: Yeah, the last couple days we’ve been working on a new song and last week we got a couple finished. He actually lives right down the street from me now, so we’ve just been bumping heads on a bunch of stuff but our workflow has been pretty good. It’s not going to be a full blown side-project or anything like that. Its just going to be a collaborative ep of about 3 songs or so. I’m really excited about it, its really got a lot of really cool feels.

HYPE: Now will we be getting some meatballs with the spaghetti this time?

Space Jesus: Hahahahaha we’ll see, I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

HYPE: As long as theres some food involved, thats all I really care about.

Space Jesus: I totally feel that, food is great. We did have some Spaghetti at the Farm Fest set, my home girl Michele was handing out some lobster cream sauce spaghetti to the people in the front row at the beginning. It was nice.
HYPE: And it was her birthday, right?

Space Jesus: Yeah it was, serving people spaghetti on her birthday.

HYPE: So what’s some of the craziest stuff you’ve seen go down at one of your shows or something thats happened to you at one of them?

Space Jesus: I mean, recently the craziest thing I’ve seen go down happened at Luna Light. I had just finished playing a Space Jesus set, there was a break in between my Schlang set afterwards. As I’m setting up my stuff, this guy just ran up on stage, grabbed my equipment and threw my controller about 25-50 ft. behind me, while he’s screaming and flailing his arms in the air. That was pretty intense.

HYPE: What the hell?

Space Jesus: I don’t think he did it out of aggression or even had any kind of negative feelings, I think he just didn’t have control of himself.

HYPE: He sounds like he was just out of it. How about that dude that hopped on stage at Farm Fest?

Space Jesus: Hahahah yeah I had no idea who that guy was. He did introduce himself later, I didn’t know him at the time, but it was definitely distracting. He was a nice guy. The other guy was just totally out of control. After that at Luna Light, we couldn’t really play because there were a bunch of security guards trying to restrain this guy in the middle of the crowd.

HYPE: Now I gotta ask about the Space Jesus Live Band, will we be seeing that again any time soon?

Space Jesus: The live band is really fun, whenever I can get to do that, I like to take that opportunity. We can’t always do it just cause it takes getting other people there and more preparation. But for me the ultimate goal is to be playing with band or at least to have more live instruments. We did a tour last year and at Bella Terra this year, I’ll be playing with Allen Aucoin from The Disco Biscuits. He’s a beast. We played together at The Big Up last year, it was fun.

HYPE: I kind of want to finish this off with what inspires you, so what inspires Space Jesus?

Space Jesus: Everything I hear, my friends, Space…
HYPE: Wait, let me stop you right there, I gotta ask, why do you think Space is so interesting?

Space Jesus: Well its one of the most mysterious things, you know? When we don’t understand, when its impossible to fully understand, will be forever interesting.

HYPE: Ok, last question, what would you say, other than playing with a live band, is the Space Jesus mission right now?

Space Jesus: My mission right now is to just make as much music as possible, get it out there for people to hear.

For more info and some Space Jesus Tunes check out,


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