Prepare To unleash Your Inner Child at Campfire Outdoor Adventure and Music Festival

Campfire Outdoor Adventure and Music Festival presented by Zippo will be held Aug 29-31 at a real summer camp in Lakewood, PA.

Part of the mission of Campfire, is to revive the nostalgia of summers past spent at camp. No lie, the fest is going to do an amazing job of that.

From baseball games and laser tag to tennis and rock climbing, this fest has it all. And they will also have a Wibit… Oh yeah did I also mention that the festival will play host to an amazing slew of musicians?

The lineup includes: Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Delta Spirit, Lake Street Dive, Spirit Family Reunion, Langhorne Slim & The Law, Bronze Radio Return, Swear and Shake, Amy Helm and The Handsome Strangers, Ryan Montbleau, Ballroom Thieves, Toy Soldiers, Pappy (of Cabinet) and many more…

Campfire is going to be one heck of a weekend. Honestly, this idea is something I’ve been hoping someone would do for years. We can’t wait to see how this festival will turnout.

Tickets for General Admission are selling for $150. Cabins are not entirely sold out yet, but the private 2-4 person bungalows are sold out, you can also still purchase an RV pass for $75. Get your tickets at

Here’s who we’ll be checking out

Chuck Adams

The Curtis Mayflower

Dietrich Strause

Christopher Paul Sterling

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons

The Real Billy Keane

Banana Phonetic

The Gantry

The Indobox

Bow Thayer
Had to throw this in because it’s simply amazing.

The Lawsuits

Brothers McCann

The Silks


Business Casual Disco

Pappy (from Cabinet
(Not a lot of videos out there with Pappy singing solo. This was the best I could find.

Oh, Cassius!

Dan Blakeslee

Toy Soldiers

Ryan Montbleau

Spirit Family Reunion

Ballroom Thieves
Speaking of Summer camp…

You, Me and Apollo

Amy Helm and The Handsome Strangers

Swear and Shake

Bronze Radio Return

Langhorne Slim and The Law

Lake Street Dive

Delta Spirit

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires

Campfire Festival Daily Schedule

For more info visit


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