Ten Must See Acts at Shambhala 2014

This year marks the legendary Shambhalas’ 17th birthday. With that said, the festival is going huge this year.

The celebration will feature Six stages with lineups that practically make them mini-festivals within the almighty giant that has become Shambhala.

Bassnectar, Griz, Moby, Skream, Beats Antique, Paper Diamond, Justin Martin, Phaeleh, Gorgon City are scheduled to headline.

As one of the longest running electronic music festivals in North America, this internationally famed gathering has become an institution in both the festival world and that of electronic music. This year’s lineup also includes the sultry sounds of J. Phlip, Odesza, Christian Martin, EOTO, Lucent Dossier Experience, Opiuo, Hannah Wants, plus a slew of other industry leading, genre-defying producers.
ShambFarm1600 (167 of 265)
Shambhala Music Festival returns to the wooded mountainous awe of the 500-acre Salmo River Ranch near Nelson, BC from August 6th-11th on their privately owned, immaculately artistic landscape.

What has become one of the most beloved venues in the world, natural and man-made features collide to create a unique environment for infinite exploration including six individually curated stages with their own aural and visual schemas, swimming in the river, yoga sessions, and several surprise speakers.
2013 Shambhala Music Festival
The permanent and serene nature of the venue allows for its year-long development and perpetual growth instead of the typical build up, tear down festival model. This finely sculpted environment is set within the overarching perpetuation of community, connection and sustainability.
ShambFarm1600 (207 of 265)
As an event which has had an invaluable impact on the progression of electronic music and festivals alike, the Shambhala Music Festival represents a point of departure from the typical understanding of creative communities.

By upholding its intimate form, the gathering is able to deliver a uniquely curated window into the most transformative sounds and sights on the planet. Through a synthesis of expertly crafted sensory experience, the festival stands apart as veterans in what is now an internationally explosive scene.
ShambFarm1600 (69 of 265)

Here’s Hype Music Festivals, Editor, Phil Sunkel’s Ten Must See Acts at Shambhala.

10.) The Human Experience

9.) Lucient Dossier Experience

8.) Opiuo

7.) Liquid Stranger

6.) EOTO

5.) Bassnectar

4.) What So Not

3.) Griz

2.) Beats Antique

1.) Emancipator
Ok so I know the full ensemble isn’t performing but you get the idea, Emancipator is killing it right now.

For more information and tickets please visit: ShambhalaMusicFestival.com


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