Jamar Woods of The Fritz Talks Fourth of July Show & “Bootstrap”

The Fritz have been fine tuning their skills over the past couple years since they moved from Jacksonville, FL to Asheville, NC. The guys have been rocking it all over the East Coast in support of their latest release “Bootstrap”, a funky fun rock album bursting with jams & intricacy. Hype-mag editor, Phil Sunkel, got on the phone with lead singer and keyboardist, Jamar Woods, to talk about the guys Fourth of July show and the new album.

P. Sunkel: So, you guys moved from Jacksonville to Asheville a couple years ago, could you tell me a bit about your transit to NC?

J. Woods: It was actually three years ago. It was a pretty easy transition, both music scenes are very welcoming.

P. Sunkel: But you guys are still coming down to Jax and playing a show every now and then, correct1903009_623946794359740_5372082610397907469_n
J. Woods: Yeah, thats right. We may call Asheville our home now but Jacksonville will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s always good to come back and visit.

P. Sunkel: Now your all coming down tomorrow for the Fourth of July for two sets, correct?

J. Woods: We actually haven’t had a Fourth of July show in Jacksonville yet, so this is going to be alot of fun. Things will get kicked off at 1904 Music Hall around 6pm after the fireworks in downtown and there will even be some free beer from Sweetwater Brewing co. We’ll be playing two sets later that night but T3am and Lucky Costello will also be opening for us. Everyones gonna get some great music and It should be a really great time.

P. Sunkel: Sounds like its gonna be a really great time. Now you guys are also on a flown blown tour right now in support of your guys sophomore release, “Bootstrap”. Could you tell me a little about it?
J. Woods: We recorded the album down in south Florida at , it was a really intensive process. We did days of 14,15,16 hours straight of just recording and in the end we are really happy with the final product and the sound we produced on “Bootstrap”.

P. Sunkel: So that leads me into my next question which is, if you were to describe the sound of the album to someone whose never heard The Fritz, how would you do it?

J. Woods: Ah thats an interesting question, very interesting. I would have to say that its a mix of Funk meets heavy rock infleunces. We try to stay current with the sounds in the genre but we also throw in some blues and electro.

P. Sunkel: So where does the name The Fritz come from exactly?
J. Woods: Oh we don’t talk about that?

P. Sunkel: Its sort of a running myth then?

J. Woods: It is a myth.

P. Sunkel: Now that the albums out whats on the goal list for you guys?

J. Woods: Well, we just signed with a great new agency and a great new manager and what we’re trying to do now is tour throughout the North East quite a bit. We’re just trying to spread the word.

P. Sunkel: I mean its gotta feel pretty good to have been added onto that Catskill Chill lineup.

J. Woods: We feel fortunate to be on the lineup, we’re really thankful for them having us. Hopefully we’ll play a good set and be welcomed back.

P. Sunkel: I think you guys are gonna have a great set. That’s all for me on this end and I’ll probably catching up with you guys at Catskill Chill.
The Fritz’s Fourth of July Celebration at 1904 Music Hall will begin tomorrow night at 6pm with the BBQ Jamar mentioned above.

A round trip shuttle service from the beach to 1904 is being offered for $10 (limited seats available). Click the following link for show & shuttle tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-4th-with-the-fritz-tickets-11843212367.



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