Purple Hatter’s Ball 2014: A Festival of Rights & Hope

Purple Hatter’s Ball is an unbelievably special music festival. Nestled underneath the serenity of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park’s live oak trees, thousands came this year not necessarily for the music, but to celebrate the life of Rachel “Morning Star” Hoffman.

Rachel was tragically killed in a police operation gone wrong. As the story goes, Rachel was arrested for having a small bag of pot and a couple ecstasy pills. She was told that if she went undercover to buy some drugs, they would lessen the charges or maybe drop them all together.

She was sent to buy a handgun and some bizarrely large quantities of drugs. Rachel died because of the botched sting operation, which the Tallahassee police department received much scrutiny and public outrage over. The sting even resulted in the passing of a new law, Rachel’s Law.

Now, Purple Hatter’s Ball is a celebration of her life and her love of music, as well as an event to raise awareness on your rights.

This year’s PHB had a stacked lineup featuring Beats Antique, Emancipator Ensemble, The Nth Power, The Motet, The Heavy Pets and many more.

I think Ryan Emke’s review on The Elbow’s website sums the festival up pretty well: http://theelbowjax.com/purple-hatters-ball-look-back/

Here are some of Hype-mag editor Phil Sunkel’s favorite images from PHB 2014.





For more information on Purple Hatter’s Ball please visit: http://www.purplehattersball.com


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