Twiddle’s 4/20 Show at Higher Ground

The night started off with what seemed to be a packed house at Higher Ground. A line of people snaked around the corner of the building; needless to say, there was a lot of people who just wanted to dance their faces off to some Twiddle.
The boys came onto the stage in a one by one fashion, it took about 5 and half minutes before things really got started.

Guitarist Mihali Savoulidis opened things up with an acoustic cover that all music lovers love dearly, especially on 4/20, “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley. Mihali continued to play his acoustic throughout the entire first set, which was a real treat to hear certain songs such as Indigo Trigger, Subconscious Prelude, and another sweet cover that most music lovers really enjoy, Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.
Mihali’s guitar licks combined with Ryan Dempsey’s space-like sound waves on the keys added a couple nice spices to the original songs, making it very much their own style.
1Q7A0454To close the first set, drummer Brook Jordan, showed the crowd that he is capable of much more than just than supplying the beats.
Brook’s performed a song he wrote entirely, called “Second Wind”. Its always a great treat to hear Brook sing, this however was much more special to hear and see with the guys standing behind and him, while he’s front and center. It was pretty epic.
1Q7A0433The second set was chock full of improv. Twiddle opened up with a version of Latin Tang that made Mihali’s guitar playing sound a lot like something Jimi Hendrix would have ripped on stage.
Latin Tang always leads to gnarly drum solos by Brook, as well as a crazy sounding solo from bass virtuoso Zdenek Gubb. After Brook’s solo, Ryan and Mihali had a full fledged jam-off: keytar vs. guitar.
1Q7A0555Ryan stands up from his usual spot of sitting down at the keys with a keytar up in the air shredding and melting faces in the crowd. The keytar was new a couple weekends ago and it was rented, so lets all hope he keeps it.
The third set was filled with a good amount of excitement, there wasn’t a dull moment. The boys played a couple newer songs such as: Syncopated Healing, and Polluted Beauty ( track released on Relix’s newest cd ).
The guys played the song “Apples” as they also premiered their latest ‘Apples’ pin for sale at their merch table and website. “Apples” is a crazy funky jam, and this time Mickey dropped some old school funk in there with some Michael Jackson teases such as “Billie Jean” flowing into “Smooth Criminal”.
1Q7A0571Next came the crowd favorite, “Hatti’s Jam/When it rains it poors”, then Twiddle moved into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and then went back into their original “When it Rains it Poors”.
It was truly beautiful to hear those songs mixed together like that, do not be surprised when you hear it being played at the next Twiddle show you hit up.
1Q7A0609The guys closed out the third set with with a jam that is always EPIC, no matter when it is played during a Twiddle set. That epic jam is titled, “Frankenfoote”.
The crowd was itching for more songs after that and called the band out for an encore.
Their choice of an encore song was fitting with all the high energy bursting from the crowd, the guys killed with a really fun tune called “Zazu’s Flight”.
1Q7A0657Twiddle has earned themselves a following of loving fans and friends in the state of Vermont. Many of those fans and friends have been catching Twiddle since the crowd was thin and few, low-and-behold the crowds filled up and grew. Now these guys are selling out just about every show they play.

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Words by Ryan McGrath
Photos by Nick Sonsini


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