Photos: Dark Star Orchestra at Revolution Live Outdoors

Last night, Dark Star Orchestra, questionably the best cover band of all time and the authority in reproducing original Grateful Dead tunes and shows, took over Revolution Live’s outdoor patio to play to a packed house in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

There’s also a funny little back story to me shooting these guys. When I was attending Flagler College to obtain my journalism degree, I had a wonderful photojournalism professor by the name of Tracey Eaton. Professor Eaton is a true inspiration and I feel that I owe a huge amount of my passion for photography to him. Well, while in his class he would mention that his cousin, Rob Eaton, played in this band and that if I ever got a chance, I should go shoot them. Low and behold, Rob is the guitarist for DSO, so this show was really a great time. Not too mention the whole show is one big sing along with the nicest fan base you can imagine.

For more info and tour dates visit:


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