Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Interview About Cash, Kittens & Hot Tubs

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band has been hitting the road hard in support of their latest release “Onward!”. I met up with the Booty Band, Mary Frances (Keys), Al Al Ingram (Bass), Derrick Johnson (Trombone), Lee Allen (Drums) and JP Miller (Guitar), to talk about whats next for the Booty Band at their show on Jan. 15th at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL.

P. Sunkel: So last time we all talked you guys were cruising in the van and we chatted about the release of “Onward!”, which just dropped a couple months ago. Now that the album is out and you’ve been touring it around a bit, what’s next for you guys?

Lee: Haha we’ve got another album and we’ve got a tentative name but I’m not too sure of it.
Al Al: Oh I think it is…

Lee: What is it again?

Al Al: It’s gonna be: Cash, Kittens and Hot Tubs!

Lee: That’s the unofficial title hahaha, you get to hear it first!

Mary Frances: Hahahahha….

Al Al: Tell me who doesn’t love that album title?

Mary Frances: Everyone loves Cash, Kittens and Hot Tubs. It really has a good ring to it. But on the real, we’re about to go back into the studio in April and start recording this next album which we’ll be releasing in September.
Lee: We want to try and release something new every year and keep it fresh. These days, I don’t really feel like a 12-song or even an 18-song album is as important as it was years ago.

Al Al: It’s almost like a trend what you’re seeing going on as well. All these bands who are putting out these albums pretty fast that are all like 8-10 songs max, thats a pretty good idea, switches up the flavor and in this fast-paced modern age we gotta try and keep up with the kids.

P. Sunkel: Well as Lee put it, you gotta keep it fresh.

Mary Frances: Absolutely, we’ve been writing a lot of new songs. We actually wrote a new song last night. We’ll probably be back in our practice building next week writing. This whole crew, we’ve been writing together for the last four years and I feel like we’re really gelling and writing the best music we’ve ever done. I think this next album is gonna be pretty packed full of Cash, Kittens and Hot Tubs.

JP: I like all those things, I think everybody else does.

Lee: Well, we were thinking at first, Weed, Kittens and Hot Tubs…

Al Al: Yeah we can’t….
Mary Frances: That was the first name we came up with haha…

JP: Weed, Kittens and Hot Tubs, you know certain radio stations might not be to hip with that.

P. Sunkel: I think you guys are just better off with Cash.

JP: Well yeah, everyone loves cash…

Lee:…and the kittens…

Mary Frances: We have this joke, that when we get bigger, we want to have a kitten provided in every green room.

JP: Part of our contract is going to be kittens backstage.

Mary Frances: Wouldn’t that be fun?

JP: Just a cute little kitten to be played with for like an hour or two.
Mary Frances: We could also like bring them in from the Humane Society and try to find a home for the kitten…

JP: Hey come get drunk and wake up with a kitten haha.

Al Al: We could also make like hashtags, like hashtag: Kittens= booty band album, Bam! I’m trying to get some likes son!

Lee: We could have a video thats just kittens…

Derrick: That will be our next video, kittens with cash in a hot tub. We’re gonna actually have kittens make it rain with chicks shaking their booties…

Mary Frances: WOOOOOO!!!!!

JP:…in the hot tub.

Mary Frances: (Speaking to P. Sunkel) Man, thanks for letting us get all these ideas out there hahaha…

JP: Ideas are formulating as we speak…

Derrick: AHHH we could have one kitten with a cash cannon!
Al Al: Ah the cash cannon!

P. Sunkel: What is this cash cannon you speak of?

Derrick: Ah man, you don’t know about the cash cannon? The cash cannon is for the next era baller. When you can’t make it rain fast enough, you put like two bills in it…

Mary Frances: No, like two thousand…

Derrick: Thats two bills…
JP: Nah man two bills is two hundred dollars, you just lost your street cred.

Derrick: Well you put like two thousand dollars in and it shoots out super quick. Bam! There it is!

P. Sunkel: (Derrick shows me a pic on his phone) Oh wow, it really looks like something you’d see at a…

Derrick: A strip club? Ah, hell yeah!

JP: We need to get paid with the cash cannon. At the end of 2014, they can just spray us with the cannon, “Heres all your money Booty Band!” (JP makes spraying sound)…
Al Al: All joking aside, it has been really hard to move around on stage, with all the cash lying around. The only thing that can ratify that, is more cash.

JP: Thats like when we start playing the hip hop songs, Every nights like a rap video, we don’t even know what to do anymore.

Mary Frances: So yeah, thats where we are in our career right now…

Everyone: (Laughing)

Al Al: Just so everyone out there reading this knows, we literally just got off stage and still have that energy from being up there going through us.

P. Sunkel: Haha well that actually leads me into my next question, could you guys tell me about some weird moments you’ve had at shows?
Al Al: Recently, we were playing this show up in Jacksonville, we had just finished the second song and were moving into the third when this girl just walks on the stage with a Booty Band poster, it was actually blotter art which you can get www.bootyband.com hahahaha…

P. Sunkel: Just a little shameless plug right there…

Al Al: So this girl gets on stage and she wants us to sign the blotter art poster, which is nice but we were literally in the middle of the show haha.

JP: Her exact words were, “I love you guys, Im obssesed with yall” and I was just like well wait to the end of the show and we’ll sign it and she responded she leaving right now. So I was like if your so obsessed with us, why are you leaving before the third song?

Al Al: There was also nobody working merch at that time, so she totally stole that stuff from us, got us to sign it and walked out with no kind of confrontation, thats pretty wrong. Don’t be stealing from musicians. We should have been more on top of our game but we learned our lesson.
Derrick: Well I want to tell you about Montana in a second but first, Taos, NM. So people were in the front dancing and then I look over and people are doing yoga… like a full ass yoga class going on, stretching all that. There was even a little massage train going on in the middle of the dance floor. The strangest one for me though, was Montana. There was probably like 400+ people at the show and I decided I wanted to go stage diving that night and all the kids in the crowd were like “Yeah!!! Lets do it!”. As soon as my feet left the stage, the lights went completely black. When they came back on, I was lying on the floor.

Lee: Derrick was like this (Lee Sprawls his body flat on the couch) hahahahhahahaha.

Derrick: Oh wait, it gets even worse than that. So the kids start picking me up and they get me over their heads and drop me again!

Mary Frances: A double drop…

Lee: (Laughing hysterically)

Derrick: They literally just dropped me on my head. They tried to help me back on stage and I was just like, “I don’t need your help.” I had to wear an icy hot pack for so long, I looked like an old ass man.

JP: Well then theres also Altamonte, TX.
Everyone: Ah Altamonte, TX.

JP: We were playing out in the middle of Texas, I mean driving out to this place there was literally hundreds of miles of nothing and leaving that place there was hundreds of miles of nothing. We were all like, where are we? So we pulled up and the place looked just like one of those old saloons. It had the swinging doubles doors you shimmy through when you walk in, you kick the dust off your boots and you get a beer, so it was kind of a weird show. There was a bunch of different kinds of people hanging out, lots of big-old hats and stuff. So we’re trying to play some stuff to see what the audience is into. We’re playing some funkier stuff and all of a sudden Al Al’s bass amp caught on fire, there were literally flames coming out of the side of the amp.

Al Al: I cried a little bit.
JP: So we had to move it into our hip hop songs since all the bass is on the sampler. So we start playing these Dr. Dre songs and all of a sudden everybody got up and started getting down, including some cowboys. This one old cowboy stood up and ripped open his shirt and he starts….

Al Al: No no no, my favorite part was when, you know Soulja Boy? My favorite part was when he supermanned his booty mama. Super man that ho!!!!!!!! It was glorious man.

Derrick: He’s out there with his girl literally pushed over touching the ground and he’s out there yelling, “That’s my shit!”.

Mary Frances: I think we were actually playing “Hoochie Momma”.

Derrick: It was “Hoochie Momma”!

JP: I mean it was like a new age episode of the Twilight Zone, it was just all smiles. You cannot judge a book by its cover.
Al Al: I guess in this industry, we noticed sometimes that some crowds like to get shaken up like that. In that case, they were in their element and it was easier for them to be themselves. Its fun to see things like that. Who would have none some guy would get down like that to “Hoochie Momma”?

JP: Its like he had been waiting for someone to just come along and play that song…

Al Al: I mean when do you think is the last time a band came through there and played that song?
Lee: Haha never. Those guys have never heard that song.

JP: I’ll put money on that.

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For more info visit: Bootyband.com


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