STS9 New Year’s Eve

STS9’s New Year’s Eve five-night run at The Tabernacle in Atlanta has become a thing of legend when it comes to New Year’s Eve shows. I was only able to catch the show on the 31st, but everyone I spoke to couldn’t help telling me how amazing the other four nights were. Needless to say, Tribe played one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen or heard. Listen while you read:

25 The vibe in Tabernacle that night was unbelievably positive, Tribe built off the energy and rung in the New Year with one hell of a set. If you’ve never been to The Tabernacle in Atlanta, I suggest you immediately check out their calendar and go see a show there. The place is staked with awesomely cozy lounges complete with big screen TVs streaming the show, to beautifully detailed balconies that give the most insane view of the show. There couldn’t be a better place to have a New Years run in Georgia or the South East, in my opinion.

Tribe warmed the energetic crowd up with “MOD”, “Beyond Right Now” and “When The Dust Settles”, truly a hell of a way to start off their set. The guys new light setup was mesmerizing and continued to astonish throughout the show as well.The set then moved into a couple of the groups jammier tunes from a couple years back including “What is love?”, “Music, Us” and “Rent”.
The last hour before midnight was pretty epic. Tribe kicked off with an epic version of “Dance” and then moved into “Luma Daylight”, which happened to be the last song before the guys set break. Tribe came back to the stage with a vengeance to bring in the New Year with some serious funk on the track “Monkey Music”. As the clock ticked began to tick down to a New Year, the anticipation in the building became intense. Collectively, I don’t think their could have been a happier group of Tribe fans. At midnight confetti shot out of cannons strategically placed at the front of the crowd as blinding lights of all colors blasted their way through flying shreds of paper. The deafening noise of celebration and joyous congratulation for another year lived, blended seamlessly with Tribe as they worked their way into “STS9”. After dancing our way into the New Year, us STS9 fans were treated to a barrage of excellent tunes including: Kamuy, Aimlessly and my favorite, Abcees. STS9 closed out their set with style by finishing off with “March” and “Breathe In”. After the guys were over, the crowd raucously chanted the War Chant frequently associated with the Atlanta Braves, which of course brought Tribe back onto the stage for two more killer songs. Murph and the guys began the encore set by dropping some funky bass bombs on the crowd with “Four Year Puma”. The guys ended the show with the crowd favorite, “Circus”, which undoubtedly left everyone in attendance quite satisfied with the way the New Year was rung in.

For more info and to download the NYE set visit:

Photos by Katie Davis & Phil Sunkel

Words by Phil Sunkel


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