Papadosio Q and A: Plus 3 Night Florida Run, AURA & Earth Night

Papadosio will be stopping through Florida over the next couple of days on their Fall 2K13 tour in support of their latest album, T.E.T.I.O.S. The guys will be stopping through St. Pete, Ft. Lauderdale and, the show that we will be covering, Jacksonville Beach. Dosio will also be back in February for AURA at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. To get everyone pumped up about the Dosio run this week & AURA in February, we present to you a quick Q&A with keyboardist Billy Brouse:

Q: Tell me a little about how Papadosio formed…

B: We met in Athens, Ohio. We started going to a weekly open jam which quickly turned into something we felt we could grow into something much bigger, so we did. Over the years we have encountered many things together and they have helped us grow into a five-headed music machine that none of us really know how to stop. It’s been weird to say the least. In the future we’d like to go overseas, release new albums that may be a bit different from what we’ve done before, and hopefully thrive in all aspects of our lives.
Q: How has your music evolved since the band’s inception? Has it changed in any ways you did not foresee? Have there been any lineup changes?

BB: Since the start it has been about melding the electric and organic aspects of the musical world and seeing how it pans out. Hasn’t really changed too much from the original philosophy, just progressed and gotten better really. The only real lineup changes we’ve had would be the addition of my brother Sam on piano and Rhodes. His playing has really rounded us out and helped the band progress into a whole different realm. He has a knack for songwriting that is unbelievable and I couldn’t imagine him not being a member of this band, it has been amazing.

Q: Your bio talks about your message and vision; describe the message you want to convey. With your music being largely instrumental, how do you get this message across?

BB: If you listen to the lyrics you will find messages of environmental stewardship, progressive thought, and consciousness of your actions and the actions of society as a whole. The songs that dont have lyrics can be taken for what they are, and aesthetic journey. I write songs that are simple but easy on the ears, they dont really have a meaning. My whole deal is just don’t be a dick and everything should be OK.
Q: How would you describe your sound succinctly? Do you think of Papadosio as a jam band or something more in the livetronica realm? How much of your live show is improvised?

BB:I describe it as electro prog rock. I don’t think of us asa a jam band really, just because the songs are long does not make us a “jam” band, although we do jam out sometimes and improvisation is a part of what we do. The amount of improvisation changes nightly, couldn’t really say how much is improv until after each show.

Q: What about your music do you feel lends itself so strongly to the festival circuit?

BB: I think our music is accessible to everyone so it does well at festivals. We also can make people dance, which is key at a festival. We’ve been playing festivals for about 4 years I’d say, and I’d say we do about 15 a year. Could be more and honestly, feels like we do about 200. We are on tour a lot, I’d say we do about 120 shows or more a year. Go hard or go home I guess.
Q: What projects are you currently focused on? Are you working toward your next release or still performing in support of TETIOS?

BB: Honestly we are just focusing on live shows right now, don’t really have time for anything else. Couldn’t say when the next release will be, but I have heard some talk about doing an EP soon, maybe more on the experimental side. At least thats what I kinda want to do.

Q: Have you guys written anything new that your performing live, since the release of T.E.T.I.O.S.?

BB: I think we’ve written about 5 new tracks that we are currently performing live. One in particular called “What’s at stake” is about lgbt rights and marriage equality. This isn’t really a new thing for us but the style of the song is a bit more folky or gospel sounding, which is quite a departure from what we normally do. Not really sure what the next batch will be like, time will tell i guess. I’d like to take a more “Boards of Canada” approach to an EP. These guys are amazing at what they do and recently I’ve definitely gotten a lot of inspiration from them. Take a listen to “The Campfire Headphase” by them and enjoy.
Q: In what ways, if any, do you find yourselves misinterpreted or misrepresented either as musicians or as people?

BB: Big question there. I think many people think that we are all crazy spiritual or something, and thats not true. Sure we are spiritual in our own ways but its not like we are shamans or anything. I’m just a guy who tries to be nice to people and play music that is easy on the ears and I hope people like it.

Q: What are some of your goals?

BB: In the future we’d like to go overseas, release new albums that may be a bit different from what we’ve done before, and hopefully thrive in all aspects of our lives.

Papadosio Announces Earth Night 2013: A Solstice Celebration
I could not do a little Dosio article, without mentioning the guys Earth Night Celebration coming up here in a couple weeks. Here’s the low down:

Earth Night is a two day event held December 20 & 21 at LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio, featuring live Music, art, workshops & more 
support acts include Ott & the All-Seeing I, Hundred Waters, Shigeto, and The Main Squeeze

Earthnight4On December 21, 2012, a monumental convergence of like-minded individuals from across nations and borders was born. Caught in the midst of prophecies from across cultures concerning the ‘end of time’, people across the Earth asked important questions about who we are as a people and where we are going. While some anticipated catastrophe, others attempted collective activation into a new paradigm that would shift the ways in which we spend on our time on this planet. Across the globe people gathered and ignited their will to continue their work here on Earth through music, art, activism and prayers.

Deep in the heartlands of America, a small group of musicians, artists and spiritual activists organized a gathering that included a variety of experience from live music to art, workshops, presentations and more. Inspired by the progressive spirit of the internationally-known and celebrated Earth Day (originally founded on the spring equinox in 1969) – this group named the event Earth Night – a testament to the power of global unification as well as the extended darkness offered by the winter solstice – the longest night of every year. Much like Earth Day, Earth Night rooted itself in the ever-growing environmental movement while taking time to recognize some of the practices of old that connected us to our planet in ways we hardly have the language for today.Earthnight2

Earth Night returns this December 20 and 21 to the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio for a 2-night and 1 day celebration that envelopes the core of the solstice in a ceremonious dance of music, art, and spirit. Earth Night is proud to announce a 2 full nights of music and production this year at the L.C. Pavilion in Columbus, featuring 2 nights of Papadosio along with an internationally-acclaimed music lineup Ott & the All-Seeing I (Live Band), Hundred Waters (OWSLA), Shigeto (Ghostly International), and The Main Squeeze. The Earth Night workshop series lineup and location will be announced soon. 

A limited number of two-day tickets are available through Papadosio’s ticketing site at Papadosio Tickets beginning Thursday, September 19. Tickets are also available on Saturday, September 21 via the public on-sale. Two-day passes are $45, single-day tickets are $25 advance and $30 at the door.Earthnight3

Complete Earth Night 2k13 details are available at and RSVP to the official Facebook Event Page!


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