Ghost Owl Interview at Bear Creek ’13: One Year Later

At last year’s Bear Creek I met up with Perpetual Groove’s Matt McDonald and Adam Perry. Shortly after P Groove announced that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus. Fast forward a couple months and I got the chance to meet up with the guys again at AURA music festival to talk about the end of P Groove and the rise of Ghost Owl. So a year after that first interview with the guys at Bear Creek, we thought it would be fitting to give everyone out there a Part 3 of and the dudes from Ghost Owl.

Here is the interview:

Matt: So this is like our part three isn’t it?

Adam: Part 3!

P. Sunkel: This will be our part 3 interview with you guys, …

Adam: We’re one year from the first one, aren’t we?

P. Sunkel: Yup, we actually did it at that table right over there haha.

Matt: I was just thinking about that earlier but I thought the Freebird one was before the one we did here a year ago…Ghost Owl

P. Sunkel: I actually combined those two videos together so you may be right. Well now here we are a year later, you guys have been on the road for a little bit, how has the response been?

Matt: Great…

Adam: It’s been really good man, people out at the shows seem to be really digging it. We’re constantly improving and people can tell that we’re having fun, that reads into the audience. We’re really excited for the new album coming out in january, we’re still putting the finishing touches on it.

Matt: Yeah, we’re at the very end of the album right now, the very end of it. I got to hear one song, Adam hasn’t heard it yet, fully mixed for the first time, there were no vocals, but where its gonna be kind of. That just rejuvenated me because I’ve been in this wormhole where I’ve just been listening to edit cuts. When we went in we recorded just like we would have executed it live. Our producer Newt Carter, Newt has a really rich musical history, The Atom Brothers, he was a member of vigilantes of Love, he’s done sound from Melissa Etheridge to Public Enemy to The Who and stuff like that, he’s been a friend of ours for a long time. So he’s been the producer on this album. So after we recorded that way, he went in with an objective that was like “what was once the verse is now the chorus and what was the intro is now the outro”. Totally rearranged the songs just like that. It’s been great and things have been working very collaboratively from there. It’s really nice to be almost done though. When you’ve been listening to it in just over-dubs for so long, to get to hear a taste of the finished product is nice.

Ghost Owl 4P. Sunkel: So you guys played a Halloween show right? Tell a little about that…

Matt: Yup with ZOOGMA. We’re actually doing five nights with them in Florida in December. That was an awesome show. Like Adam said the people that have been coming out to the shows have been digging it but we’re also earning it again too.

Adam: (Adam had been staring at Matt as he talked) We’re not on video so I can do things like this. So, yeah that was a great show because we’ve known ZOOGMA for forever. Its been cool to go out and open for them…

Matt: Yeah, it really is…

Adam: Those guys put on a really good show and its a good mix of the two bands. For us honestly, we’re kind of enjoying the opening position. Being that we’re a new act, I think thats it been a really positive experience for us to go on tour to get in front of other band’s crowds and really just be able to execute our best show, you know? Get out there and hit for an hour, kick people in the face and get out.

P. Sunkel: You guys have kind of a long set tonight…

Matt: Yea, tonight’s the 90-minute set. Which is still great, it’s definitely the complete package, like most of the songs we have. Like Adam said its nice with the openers to have 60-minutes to punch em in the face…

Adam: Kick em right in the face!

P. Sunkel: Well you guys are at Bear Creek, who are y’all excited for?

The Roots
The Roots

Matt: Roots…

Adam: I’m excited for Bootsy man…

Matt: Dopapod…

Adam: Dopapod, The Roots…

Matt: I’m also pretty excited to check out The Nth Power tonight, that looks really dope. I’m pretty much just glad that we play tonight cause theres everything I would want to see all back-to-back.

P. Sunkel: How would you guys define Ghost Owl’s sound compared to that of the other music at Bear Creek?

Matt: I don’t even really know how to define us. I know that we are definibly different than the funk bands who are here, thats for sure. Its cool that we get to come and kind of do our own thing and hopefully people will be into something a little different tonight.

Ghost Owl  5P. Sunkel: Last but not least on my little list of questions is, what are you’re guys goals for this year?

Matt: Definitely trying to get the album out by January. We’re gonna let this form and evolve into its own thing. We’ve been talking a lot more about having some multi-instrumentalists join us and female vocalists keep coming up. I just think the band is going to continue to grow and evolve, I mean thats what this was all about in the beginning. To be this ever changing thing that was always collaborative in nature, its exciting. The goal right now is, more than anything else, to have fun and to let this all happen naturally.

P. Sunkel: Sounds kind of like your guys visuals on stage…

Adam: Well, when the album comes out we want to have some of the fans a chance to make some videos for us to use for our live shows. We just really want to get the fans involved in the show production to where they can create a video to a track on the album, come to the show and we’ll put it on the screens…

P. Sunkel: So it will really be more of an interactive show…

Adam: Yes, we’ll get that community vibe kicking. With everything else we are just taking our time, theres no rushing it. Its just really relaxing to just make music, essentially, for fun again. Theres no pressure, theres no f*cking “get this done”, “You didn’t sell enough tickets, your not gonna eat this week”, or something like that. I mean obviously I care how many tickets we sell, I want to play to people but its just not really a concern at this point.

P. Sunkel: Well when we talked about Ghost Owl’s beginning a year ago, thats exactly what you guys wanted out of the project, to get back to making the music you guys want to make.

Matt: That’s exactly right man. Having fun and being enthusiastic about the process as well is great. Like Adam said we don’t have any record label tapping their watch as the studio clock rolls along, we don’t have any pressures like that. It’s been really fun and nice but a whole set of unique challenges go along with it.Ghost Owl 7


3 thoughts on “Ghost Owl Interview at Bear Creek ’13: One Year Later”

  1. Time to leave Neverland lost boys. Eventually you have to grow up and realize one truth…if you were gonna make it, you would have long ago. Perpetual Remnants.

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