Future Rock Interview Turns Philosophical at Suwannee Hulaween

Over the Halloween weekend I met up with Mickey (keys) and Felix (bass) of Future Rock at Hulaween. We got a bit philosophical and really into why these guys do what they do.

P. Sunkel: So you guys just got off the night boat and from your Halloween show in your hometown, how were they?

Mickey: It was actually a lot of fun. we were a little bit nervous about it because it was a bit of a logistical nightmare. There was a dinner cruise on the boat before we started to play. The boat got back to the dock at 11 and people got off. So at that point we were finally able to start putting some gear on, there was nothing already set up for us.

Felix: It was for the passionate fans. I mean they were in our face driving the intensity. So then the boat cruise ends at three, we’re loaded out by five, our flight’s at seven. We’re like ok, let’s go to O’Hare hahaha. That morning at O’Hare was surreal. I didn’t even know where I was.

Mickey: I had to have a moment to myself at O’Hare, it was very intense.

Felix: Yeah, we needed personal time.

143Mickey: If someone hadn’t woken me up this morning, I probably wouldn’t have made it to this show.

Felix: Well thats the thing though, we love this. To sacrifice my body by not sleeping to go to O’Hare to rock? Yes, every damn time. I love doing this and if thats the option on the table, to play a halloween boat cruise to our hometown crowd, our most passionate fans, go straight to the airport and then go play Hulaween? Hell yes, every time.

Mickey: Yeah, I would have to agree with that.

P. Sunkel: Wow, that was a pretty great answer…

Mickey: Wasn’t the question how was the boat cruise?

Felix: Well that’s the answer I guess, it was f*cking awesome.

P. Sunkel: So let’s talk a little about Hulaween. You guys literally just walked off stage, were there any highlights for yall?

Mickey: You know, I was just saying before the set how that stage, the amphitheater, is unbelievable. Theres not many experiences that I have had, or that we have had, playing on a stage like that.

146Felix: I would say that everything here is just so natural and organic. From the amphitheater itself, its a natural shape in the earth and everything here is incredibly laid back, organic and just plain right. I would say that this show was one of the more organic connecting vibes we have had with the audience. The entirety of the state of Florida should be very proud of this place and we would love to come back here.

Mickey: Yeah, the crowd was very warm and very interested in what we are doing on stage, which makes it easy to connect with them.

P. Sunkel: So let me ask you guys, what does Halloween mean to you guys?

Felix: Well Halloween specificly is not nearly as profound as music, and combining music with Halloween is awesome. My love for all of this begins and ends with music. From how much I love to perform, to how I connect with people through our songs. What I love about music is that its the only art form, where people experience the art collectively at the same time. With a painting, someone will look at it one day and someone else will look at it the next day. With music, it happens in time and it happens collectively. If it just so happens to be on Halloween and everyone is dressed up in wild costumes, things just get wild, they get crazy! This festival is definitely a great example, the boat’s also another good example…

Mickey: Yeah, I think that’s true. It heightens the energy of whats going on. I think it helps people let loose of their inhibitions even more than they usually would. Like if they’re dressed up they think people won’t recognize them, so they can just act however they want.

142P. Sunkel: I saw that you guys are about to take a month off, could we see a new album very soon?

Felix: Yes…

Mickey: Yeah, we have actually been working on a new album and we need to make a push to get it out real soon.

Felix: You can’t rush these things though. Mickey’s been taking the lead on the writing and Darren and I have been playing a support role. We think that the new stuff that we will have coming out is going to be the best we have ever made. We played a little of it tonight and we’ve been sprinkling it into our live sets when its appropriate. Musically speaking in our writing, I think its been a solid progression approach. Never a spurt up but always just getting better and always reflecting our true passion for music. We never just went the easy way out and went to what we were “supposed” to be writing, we’ve always been true to what we want to write and what is natural for us to write. I’m extremely proud of that.

Mickey: I think thats a good point. From the very beginning when we started the band we kind of had an idea of the kind of music we were gonna play, but as our tastes changed along the way, we let that influence us and the music kind of evolved based on what we were listening to.

P. Sunkel: And so I take it the new album will be free as well?

Mickey: Yeah, we give all of our music away for free. I think we’re living in the age of the free download.

141Felix: No one owns music, western music particularly. Since it’s inception, when they invented tonality as we know it in the seventeenth century, it has always been free. It has always been forwarded by philanthropy, by people who gave money to the artists so that they could write and so that they could create this system of music we have today. No one owns music, music is free. So my stance is always going to be towards that and I am extremely grateful to the fans that have supported and to those who even though the album is free, bought the album or bought the hard copies. I mean that’s what it is, if you really support a band and really like them, you will give money to them. I do that and I think that people who love music do that. I’m not one of those artists who is concerned about the industry and if the record business is falling apart. What is going to happen is the record business will fall apart, but music and artists will be just fine.

Mickey: My feeling about the transaction between fans of the music and a band is the expression of a concert. I’m a music fan myself, when I really like a band, when I really like their music, I’ll buy a ticket to their show and thats how I support music I love. At this point anyone can pay $10 a month to spotify and hear unlimited amounts of music, theres no such thing as buying albums anymore. There will always be live shows to go see music so I support bands in that way.

P. Sunkel: Well guys that brings me around to my last question, what are your goals for this next year?

Mickey: Wow, we are getting deep on these questions, I haven’t even thought about my goals for this year.

Felix: You know we’ve been so entrenched in the band and we’ve been doing this for so long, that to think of goals specific for a year is difficult for us. Its a little more profound than that. Our love for what we do is so deep that really its just become about honing our craft. Sometimes I say I’m a slave to music, but thats a little bit too harsh. In reality, the music is whats leading us, not specific goals about getting an album out or playing this many shows or doing this or doing that. My goal is to further my relationship and love with music.145

For tour dates, to download the guys albums and for more info check out: http://www.futurerock.net


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