10 Free Downloads Available Right Now!

“Monks” by Lotus
Lotus has done what I have been saying needs to be done a lot more. Combine smooth bands from the livetronic scene with some stellar underground rappers. This album is simply amazing and should be downloaded immediately, what are you waiting for?


“Rebel Era” by Griz
Griz really isn’t like any other dubstep artists. His soul to hip-hop approach, as stated in the video, is what sets him apart. Well that and the dude can rock a saxophone. Oh and all of his music is available for free download at the link below.


“A Color Map Of The Sun” by Pretty Lights
Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, set himself apart from every other DJ in the world with the love and effort that he put into this album. As you can see in the mini-doc above, no one except Daft Punk, is making their music like this. Download the album for free at the link below.


“Seven Bridges” by Break Science
Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee, aka Break Science, are doing big things with their first full-length album. Featuring members of the underground hip-hop world, a world in which both Deitch and Lee are heavily involved in, makes the album sound like the future of whats to come in the EDM scene. Download this goodness at the link below.


“Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever” by Logic
Next to A$AP Rocky, I personally think Logic is the other best young rapper out there. His freestyle is insane, his records are all packed with stand-out songs and all of his music is available for free download.


“Eternal Frequencies” – Equinox” by Minnesota
Minnesota has always been able to surprise with the albums he puts out. While definietly very danceable his music can border along the more cerebral tones like that of Tycho. Check out Minnesota’s latest free release “Eternal Frequencies – Equinox” at the link below.


“Anthems 4 Androids” by Zoogma
(Video’s song is “Circuitbored” by Zoogma)Zoogma is one of those bands that frankly just sounds way better live. While this albums has its ups, its definitely got some downs, like say the album being way over-produced. Either way its still a good idea to brush up on these bad boys before you rage face to em at Zoogma show.


“Nocturnal” by Big Gigantic
Dom and Jerome have seriously been killing it in the past four years. With their last release “Nocturnal” the guys basically shot the main stage at every festival they play. Check out their now classic album available for free at the link below.


“Unleashed” by Conspirator
For those not already familiar with the rage machine that is Conspirator, you better just stop reading and download the album. Do it now!


“People and Places” by FLT RSK
Damn I love FLT RSK, but really where the hell did they go? They really only toured for a short while and seriously teased us with one really amazing release, “People and Places” and one really killer remix album. Damn you FLT RSK for disappearing so suddenly. Download the albums at the link below.



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