Elephant Wrecking Ball Interview With Neal Evans

I caught Elephant Wrecking Ball for the first time this summer at The Big Up music festival and was absolutely blown away by their inter-stellar tunes which reach beyond the means of reasonable music imagination. I got a chance to sit down and do a pretty hilarious interview with the guys from Dopapod, shortly after I pulled drummer Neal Evans aside to take Elephant Wrecking Ball.

P. Sunkel: So tell me about Elephant Wrecking Ball,

N. Evans: Yeah, it’s me and long-time friend Dan Africano, awesome bass player, and Scott Flynn, who used to play in John Brown’s Body and is a bad ass motherf*cker. Scott started the trio, he actually had a different incarnation of the group called Mother Vibrations, with some other awesome players. Anyway, he had been writing some songs and stuff while he was in the band with John Brown’s Body, he made all these simple tunes and wanted to play them with a trio and so we all came together and it worked out great.

006-DSC_2464P. Sunkel: Tell me a little about the name Elephant Wrecking Ball,

N. Evans: Dan and I have this really tight rhythms section thing going on and you know Scott just floats on top, he’s the Elephant, we’re the wrecking ball and uh we talking it to f*cking outer space.

003-DSC_2362P. Sunkel: Some of the sounds you guys produce as a trio and the sounds emitted from Scott’s trombone are beyond what my imagination could have thought you guys were going to play…

Rob from Dopapod: If I could just interject for a second, Scotty is one of my favorite musicians on the plant…

N. Evans: Absolutely, dido.

Rob from Dopapod: He really is.

002-DSC_2316P. Sunkel: I have to agree, he did some really amazing work with JBB. So do you guys all live around each other in Brooklyn? How does practicing happen?

N. Evans: Yeah, we all live in Brooklyn. Whenever Dopapod isn’t out on the road, I’ll write some songs for EWB and we’ll send stuff back and forth to each other and kind of have an idea before we get together, and then we just jam it out.

For more info, music and tour dates check out: elephantwreckingball.com

-Phil Sunkel


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