Ten Bands You Really Need To Check Out

With the advent of the internet, came an overload of music and ways to find it. To put it quite simply, with so many choices out there, it can be rather difficult to tell the quality from the mundane. With that said I have compiled this short list of ten bands you may have never heard of or are vaguely familiar with, or perhaps they’re your favorite band, either way these are some amazing musicians.

Fikus has a great following in the north east but are yet to break out onto the major festival circuit. These guys blew my mind with their ability to shift from genre to genre with a masterful quality.

Elephant Wrecking Ball
Scott Flynn is by far one of my favorite trombone players and honestly he just really trips me out with the sounds he can create. Fynn acts as the frontman of the trio, aka he’s the Elephant, and has Neal Evans from Dopapod and Dan Africano backing him as the Wrecking Ball.

Herd of Watts
Local St. Augustine favorites Herd of Watts have been killing it lately. Their consistent efforts to produce extremely high quality songs have paid off and these guys are finally starting to make a very big splash.

When it comes to an amazing americana album on par with the likes of The Avett Brothers or Houndmouth, look no further than Fruition. Their new album has songs that will stick to your brain like glue and leave you yearning for a back porch in Virginia with some mountains off in the hazy distance.

Strange Arrangement
I caught these guys randomly at the infamous campground stage at Bear Creek 2011, their set was incredible. They also were giving away free live CDs, so I can got a chance to listen to them a bit more on the drive home. Go see them, immediately!

Whetherman, aka Nick Williams, has been a buddy of mine for some time and all I can say is, Nick is one dedicated and passionate guy. Constantly reworking his live sets, which often include an amazing, large full band, he has continued to amaze me with his progression in the music world.

Uproot Hootenanny
Uproot Hootenanny throws down like no other bluegrass band from Florida that I have ever heard. These guys are making some great music and have a great time while doing it, check them out.

Roadkill Ghost Choir
I feel that it’s only a short matter of time before the world, and sub pop, discover Roadkill Ghost Choir. With tunes that are reminiscent of Radiohead and Band of Horses, one can still tell that the Choir’s songs are still very much their own.

Jimkata is another one of those bands who I mistakenly stowed away in my Itunes thinking I’ll get a listen to it when I can. Well a couple months after I got the album I finally got a listen and was absolutely blown away by the originality of these guys songs. This band is definitely one to keep an eye and ear on.

-Phil Sunkel


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