ESCORT Interview About Nothing and Everything!

If you haven’t heard the huge sound of 17-piece nu-disco dance-aholics, you will very soon, IE watch the video above. Combining the classic dance rhythms of a music genre thought to be dead with MGMT/Empire of The Sun-esque grooves, this group of extremely talented people are redefining what the younger generations knows as disco.

089-DSC_4822The group recenlty performed at The Big UP music festival in Claverack, NY. where I was able to catch up with Eugene Cho (Keys), Ben Herson (Percussion), Dan Balis (Guitar) and of course the beautiful, very very French, sarcastic goddess, Adeline Michele.

P.Sunkel: So I’ve been living in New York City for a little while now, where do you guys do your vinyl treasure hunting?

Dan Balis: You know digging for vinyl is almost a lost art. Most of your digging now, is done on Youtube.

Eugene Cho: I remember digging for records and being like “Oh yeah! I found it! Now I can listen to this other track from this record!” But now I don’t even have to do that stuff anymore. I used to have this list of hundred’s of songs, it was like “Oh man, if I could only find that!” then I could listen to it or play it. And now it’s like…

Adeline Michele: You type in the title…

Ben Herson: It’s definitely nice not having to plan out an entire day. There was this place we used to go to in Green Point and that was a great place to go, but you had to carve out the entire day. You’d come back with dust all over your arms, all over your legs.

085-DSC_4788Adeline Michele: I’m getting bit by mosquitoes.

Dan Balis: Play The Record in Toronto is a good spot…

Ben Herson: Yeah, Play The Record has great records. I mean, I remember going to Beat Street in Brooklyn and finding old…

Dan Balis: Beat Street was always great for hip-hop and reggae…

Adeline Michele: This is boring…

Ben Herson: well and mostly the classics…

Adeline Michele: Can we change the subject?

Ben Herson: Adeline is bored with talking about digging, we must oblige her.

086-DSC_4794P. Sunkel: Well let me ask you this then, what’s been one of the strangest moments on tour?

Adeline Michele: Good story or bad story?

P. Sunkel: I say let’s start with the bad and move into the good.

Ben Herson: Maybe talk about Dartmouth?

Adeline Michele: Oooh, my monitors got humped by a bunch of really really drunk college kids.

Ben Herson: You know how Dartmouth is like super fratty and it’s like the center of animal house? Well we got those not-animal house kids.

Adeline: My setlist was picked up to be read by this kid and some other kid used my mic stand as a dance pole.

081-DSC_4671Ben Herson: Like a stripper pole, for a pole dance on a stripper pole.

Adeline Michele: Yes! Like a stripper pole, that was kind of cool.

P. Sunkel: Ah the future of America…

Ben Herson: Yeah haha…

Adeline: Or the past…

Eugene Cho: Theres no fucking rules!

Dan Balis: Toga!

Ben Herson: Mom and dad, thats where your $50,000 in Dartmouth tuition went.

P. Sunkel: 50 grand signed away to hump some monitors…

Adeline Michele: They were humping my monitors and then this guy was dancing with this girl, he flipped her over and then this guy made-out with this guy and then this girl and then made-out with my mic stand. Then he tried to make out with me hahaha.

Ben Herson: I mean what the hell else are you going to do in New Hampshire in January?

088-DSC_4797Adeline Michele: They could watch the show… Hahahahaha…

P. Sunkel: Now what would be one of the best moments on tour?

Ben Herson: Well wait a minute, that one wasn’t a bad one haha.

Adeline Michele: I say people singing happy birthday to Eugene in Portugese.

Ben Herson: Oh and walking back to the hotel on the beach in Cascais in Portugal and people yelling out the window as they drove by “Escort, we love you!” That was pretty cool.

Adeline Michele: But thats supposed to be normal because we’re stars. We’re not supposed to be excited by that.

Ben Herson: You are, we’re just guys.

084-DSC_4787P. Sunkel: So I’m going to move this into a question I cannot stop wondering, how the hell do you tour with 17 members?

Adeline Michele: We don’t actually tour with that many, we tour with maybe 5 to 9 people.

Eugene Cho: Well there are occasions, like when we go to Europe we don’t fly the entire band out, but we’ll fly some of them out there. But we’re slowly developing contacts out there to build onto the band. Like someday we won’t even have to go out there, there will just be a whole nother band, European Escort.

Ben Herson: We’ll Franchise us…

P. Sunkel: So their will be a European and an Asian Escort…

Adeline Michele: And I am working with Apple to make the first I-Hologram…

P. Sunkel: Seriously?

Adeline Michele: Yes, I am pioneering it. My hologram speaks French.

Ben Herson: Also one thing about the Asian Escort thing, don’t google that.

Adeline Michele: Hahaha Don’t do that.

080-DSC_4611Dan Balis: If your also asking Adeline if she’s serious, just as a general rule, probably not.

Adeline Michele: I am always very serious.

Ben Herson: Yes, that is it, she’s always serious.

P. Sunkel: Ok, well last question: If Escort were a Superwoman/Superman/Super entity what would he or she be like?

Adeline Michele: It would definitely have a horn right here, a unihorn.

Ben Herson: And wings…

Adeline Michele: And four legs…

Ben Herson: It sounds like we could be one of those things they made up for Flash Gordon but ended up not using hahaha.

Eugene Cho: You know the third X-men where they introduce a whole bunch of non-compelling mutants? We’re a smorgasbord of those haha…

Dan Balis: It’s like the mutant guy who can use his mental powers to cook food, really really fast.

Ben Herson: What’s up with the guy in X-men 3 that was like Porcupine guy and the only thjing he could do was jut out his porcupine quills?

Dan Balis: It would actually be easier for him to kill someone with an actual weapon.

Adeline Michele: I used to watch this cartoon when I was a kid in France. It was this penguin, he was adopted by this family, he’s a human-sized fucking penguin by the way. I swear to god its true, his name was Gigi and when he would get mad he would defend his family by, I swear to god I’m not making this up, If I smoked weed I would make this up but I don’t, he would take out a piece of watermelon and eat quickly, to spit the seeds out and that would kill people.

Ben Herson: Hahahahaha…

Dan Balis: That’s racist…

Eugene Cho: That is so racist…

Adeline Michele: He was a penguin!

Ben Herson: So a winged unicorn, watermelon eating assasin is the Escort spirit animal…

Adeline Michele: What the hell hahaha…

Ben Herson: Brought to you by the french watermelon eating association. That’s from our Southern France Escort franchise.

088-DSC_4797P. Sunkel: I’ve actually got one more question: Anything exciting happening in the near future and any goals in the next year your looking to accomplish:

Adeline Michele: We actually just released our single “Cabaret” on Rollingstone the other day. We are also working on the next album. There will be bigger and more shows coming within the next year.

Ben Herson: Yes and the album…

Adeline Michele: And of course more road stories, the album and the rest just comes organically. Monitor humping…

Ben Herson: We’re going to have synchonized monitor humping, we’re going to try and get members of the audience humping every single monitor in front of us.

Courtesy of Destiny Spang
Courtesy of Destiny Spang

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