Beach Playlist 2013 Pt. 1

With the recent addition of our weekly summer playlists, I thought it would also be a good idea to give you all some beach tunes for the summer as well.

Barrington Levy “Under Mi Sensi”
One of the original reggae masters, Barrington Levi sets it off with this classic. I actually picked this up on vinyl the other day, totally worth the buy.

Major Lazer/ Collie Buddz “Good Enuff”
Probably one of the best unknown Major Lazer’s song is without question “Good Enuff”. A straight blazing tune, this one is perfect for a sunny day on the beach.

Long Miles “Cool Breeze”
Long miles have been a go-to for beach music since I filmed them at The Standard in St. Augustine, Fla. Here’s one of the videos from that night:

John Brown’s Body “Step Inside”
Probably some of my favorite talented people, these guys churn out amazingly positive reggae jams to keep you inspired on the long road of life. Check out our little interview with members of Toubab Krewe and JBB:

Toubab Krewe “Carnavalito”
Needless to say, the guys from Toubab are all really amazing guys. Their dedication to the history of the music they play has made them historic in their own right. Seeing them live is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, It’s king of like a big gypsy party.

Zac Brown Band “Island Song”
Zac Brown is probably one of the most versatile country musicians today. Ranging from reggae, to country to even jam music, Zach Brown Band never disappoint with each album they put out.

10 ft. Ganja Plant “Walkey Walk Tall”

Often mistaken for classic dub reggae groups, 10 ft. Ganja plant have been killing with a handful of releases.

Rebelution ft. Lutan Fyah “Good Vibes”
Rebelution’s latest album not be packed with hits like their older albums but this song speaks volumes of what is going on in our society today. With our government and media trying so hard to divide us through race, it is truly inspiring and refreshing to hear a song with such a positive message.

Passafire “Queen of Spades”
Just like Alt-J, I had continuously dismissed Passafire. That is until I head “Queen of Spades”. I have been addicted to this song since I first heard it.

Zach Deputy “Coconut”
Zach’s music always makes me smile. This song especially makes me want to bounce all up and down the beach.

The Movement “Habit”
Probably one of my favorite defunct reggae groups, The Movement hit a spot of genius with this tune.

Bob Marley “Sun Is Shining”
I had to throw a Bob song on here. You can’t venture to the beach without a classic Bob tune.

The Heavy Pets “No More Time”
The Heavy Pets are something unique to the jam genre. Combining surfer-esque tunes with jam-rock tangent’s, these goes always put on a really great show.

-Phil Sunkel


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