Radiohead Rolls Through Florida

On February 29th, Radiohead made their second stop on their 2012 U.S tour at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Fl.

Bloom: King of Limbs

Morning Mr. Magpie or ‘Morning M’lord’: King of Limbs

Lotus Flower: King of Limbs

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: In Rainbows

Nude: In Rainbows

Separator: King of Limbs


-Set  List-  St. Pete Times Forum , Tampa, Fl

1. Bloom

2. Little By Little

3. Staircase

4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

5. Morning Mr. magpie or ‘Morning M’lord’

6. Meeting in the Aisle

7. Pyramid Song

8. Nude

9. Identikit

10. Lotus Flower

11. There There

12. Feral

13. Idioteque

14. The Daily Mail

15. Bodysnatchers

16. Reckoner


17. Separator

18. All I Need

19. Myxomatosis

20. Everything in It’s Right Place

-Encore 2-

21. Give Up the Ghost

22. Karma Police

23. Street spirit (Fade Out)

By: Michael J. Parker

Videos By Phillip Sunkel:

*Note: Thumbnail Image is not of this event.


2 thoughts on “Radiohead Rolls Through Florida”

    1. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. We are shooting a bunch of stuff this weekend at Suwanee Springfest. We will be posting some teaser videos over the weekend. Thanks for the support


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